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    Our next Wellbeing Summit will be held January 19th, 2023. Registration will open in November 2022.

    You can view a recording of the 2022 Summit here.

    Watch the 2021 Summit here.

    Please join us throughout the year for virtual sessions focused on wellbeing topics that impact individual and organizational wellbeing.

    2nd Annual Wellbeing Think Tank
    Organizational Wellbeing Summit

    January 20, 2022, 8:00am – 11:00am PST
    Tickets are $25 and include 3 SHRM/HRCI cec’s. Click here to purchase! 
    A portion of all proceeds will benefit our charity partner, Playworks Pacific NW.


    Summit Kick Off

    Chase Sterling

    Introduction to the Wellbeing Think Tank and our charity partner Playworks.

    Centering Exercise

    Urban Balance

    Self-compassion meditation

    Healthy Leadership in the Time of Uncertainty Goblins

    Dr. Joel Bennett

    Based on both research and practice, there are a variety of exercises, tools, programs, and strategies that support the health, well-being, and resilience of leaders at all levels (supervisor, manager, executive). This presentation will provide an overview of OWLS integration of Leadership Development, “Heart-Centered Leadership,” and Stress Potentiation (Raw Coping Power) models, along with brief exercises to help participants tap into their inner magician and keep the uncertainty goblins at bay. SHAZAAM!

    How to Use Data to Inform and Evaluate Your Wellness Program

    Alexa Galluzzo
    Case Esher
    Mary Imboden, PhD
    Megan Flanagan, MPH
    Sara Martin

    Healthcare claims, employee surveys, DEI metrics, participation. These are all data points that are critical to both inform and measure your wellness program. In this panel we’ll talk to a variety of experts about what factors you should consider around the health, wellbeing, and productivity of your workforce.

    Movement Break

    Urban Balance

    Enjoy a bit of intentional movement or refill your coffee. 

    Redesigning the Workplace for Wellbeing
    Brighid Sullivan
    Tia Coachman
    Brandon Laws

    In this session we’ll talk to a panel of experts about how workplace wellbeing has shifted since the onset of the pandemic. Work as we know it is going through a major paradigm shift and workplaces need to evolve to meet the needs of their stakeholders. What do organizations need to be doing now to protect and enhance the health and wellbeing of their workforce?

    Summit Wrap Up

    Chase Sterling


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